N & C Maintenance and Spares are regional leaders in the training and skills development of artisans. For over two decades, our company has been at the forefront of skills transfer to internal and client staff.
Through our expert facilitators and leadership, we have trained municipal employees in our field of work. Last year, company management invested in its human capital through sending some of its employees to be trained as artisans with the Artisan Training Institute in Roodepoort, JHB.
We’ve recently initiated talks with municipalities to pave the way for the signing of Section 32 contracts. Through this arrangement, we aim to absorb a maximum of 4 engineering students per municipality as apprentices/interns. These candidates comprise tertiary level students in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering. The company will also send the qualifying students for learnership training as Artisans to the Artisan Training Institute. N & C Maintenance and Spares will also pay an allowance to qualifying candidates on the learnership training with the Institution. Practical training will also be offered to these students in-house by the company as a prerequisite to obtain a Trade Test qualification.
The students to be absorbed are only those that are in places such as the Free State, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, Rural KZN etc, where electro mechanical engineering companies are scarce or unable to accommodate these candidates. The objective is to offer a helping hand to young people who end up frustrated after being unable to get companies that can provide them with practical training. Some such disgruntled young men and women end up opting to do crime as a means to survival. We are here to help them. The successful candidates will be absorbed from municipalities where the contracts have been awarded to us.
Should our initiative gain the support of our clients, we will be able to achieve the goal of assisting our government in addressing the shortage of a well-trained workforce in the country, which was caused by the apartheid government through laws of racial segregation and the reservation of decent jobs for the minority.

Skills Shortage

Due to the shortage of trained personnel in the country which was directly caused by the previous Job Reservation Act of the old regime, we have developed training programs in a bid to address the drastic skills shortage in the rewinding of AC/DC Motors, repairing of Submersible Pumps, Gearboxes, Stators and other Water Purification Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant Machines of all types.
N & C Maintenance and Spares has been and still is assisting clients in skills transfer. We train technical staff for a period of three months per employee. Training in this area includes preventive maintenance (scheduled maintenance of machines). Preventive maintenance will be done twice a month for the first three months and then your trained personnel will be able to do them in-house.

Training in the following:

We are committed to infusing knowledge and skills so that clients can address minor problems in-house.
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